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Scorching heat during the day, under the sun. Everything burns in waves of bright light. Even the tiniest drop of sweat sizzles and dies. You can’t even cry, for tears die before they even have the chance to roll on … Continuă lectura

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DSLR Canon EOS 300D Rebel de vanzare for sale 1500 RON

Dupa cum zice si titlul: Canon EOS 300D „Rebel”, obiectiv Canon 18-55 + trepied Hama + husa = 1500 RON (card de 1Gb si incarcator evident incluse). Curat chilipir. Garantez ca’i perfect functional ca doar io l’am folosit. Doritorii = … Continuă lectura

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Hard question

What about you, reader? What would yours be? Nadir

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