Sometimes we need to fill in some gaps in our lives. Sometimes we do that by reading books that have what we lack.

Sometimes we get to be those books.

How many times didn’t we open a book that has all we miss and devoured it while we even forget to breathe? How many times did we fall asleep with that book in our hands and even while we slept we were still eagerly waiting to pick up the story trail? But then again how many times did we get to read that last page every book has? And we closed the book and discarded it on a shelf blaming it for not being as fulfilling as we wanted it to be, like it was that book’s fault we considered it less than reality.

Sometimes we get to be that book.

And reader, mind this: those of us that are books, we try our best to make you wake up until you hit that last page. We try, we pray, we do all we can. We don’t want to be thrown away on a dusty shelf, nor do we want to see your eyes filled with emptiness again while your soul gets numbly back to what you think your life is. But no matter how hard we try, we still have a last page. We are your life too, but if you hit that last page as a reader, if by then you still read your life instead of living it… well there is nothing more we can do.

Never read the last page of a book you like unless you are truly ready to also read these two simple and otherwise inevitable words



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  1. Dana I. zice:

    Orice-nceput are-un sfarsit , fie ca vrem , fie ca nu…

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