Remember when we talked about scents? You said yours is a scent of earth. I thought so too, but now I know better.

There was a spring rain trying to convince the nearly blossomed trees it’s not the time yet. A cold rain, yet it was bringing the promises of green, of sun and life. Promises of alluring scents and leaping hearts. Out of this rain and into my mind comes this child whose wide wide eyes asked questions so deep that no man could ever answer. Eyes full of thirst for life and happiness, eyes full of hope and desire for beauty and love and passion… And with this child comes a sweet breath of wind that carried the scent to me. That scent filled my very essence with life.

So then i knew.

You have the scent of a spring rain in a child’s hair.


Despre warsongu

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  1. Dana I. zice:

    „Scent of a woman”……

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