I don’t know who reads this. These are meaningless words to most, but may tell something to some. They won’t mean anything to you, as you read them, though they mean everything to me now as I write them. When all will be over, these words will mean everything to you, but they will be forgotten by me. For such are the ways of life.
There is a rhythm, a beat. When you rest your head on a loved one’s chest you hear a heartbeat, and all of the sudden everything moves to that rhythm. Your whole life reconfigures itself and everywhere you look everything goes on with that beat. But this happens only if you are willing to listen.
And only if that heart is willing to let you hear its beat.
And only if your heart is willing to share that rhythm.
And only if your mind is willing to let go so that your soul can take over.
When this happens, you no longer need to rest your head on that chest, for you will hear that rhythm, you will feel it and follow it everywhere, forever. No other rhythm will ever move you, for that happens once in a lifetime. Anything else will be offbeat. Anyone else will be offbeat. For everybody else, you will be offbeat.
That rhythm is happiness.For only when we have it, feel it and most importantly share it, only then we are free.

There is no freedom in loneliness.


PS Unele dintre posturi sunt in engleza pentru ca asa vrea pula mea.


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3 răspunsuri la Rhythm

  1. Dana I. zice:

    It’s time to change my rhythm , but I don’t know how to do it….maybe I’m coward, maybe I’m too tired ….

  2. Foxcrawl zice:

    The lyrics is great and also understandable if…paying attention

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