Arhive lunare: martie 2011


I don’t know who reads this. These are meaningless words to most, but may tell something to some. They won’t mean anything to you, as you read them, though they mean everything to me now as I write them. When … Continuă lectura

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Daca vreti

O buna prietena de’a mea va fi pe 13 Aprilie in Mystic Tree la un ceai si o vorba ca pe vremuri. Daca vreti sa o cunoasteti si daca va intereseaza subiectul Wicca, sunteti invitatii mei.

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De Rerum Concerte

Hai sa dam cu niste culori traznite pe muian si sa ne facem ca zambim. Aplauze toata lumea, the clown is back for a while… Nam fost niciodata mare cronicar, da recent fusei la doo concerte si merita sa le … Continuă lectura

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E un sir de oameni, un sir imens de oameni care plang. In care suntem si noi. In spatele nostru sunt oameni care plang privindu’ne, iar noi la randu’ne privim plangand la cei din fata, care privesc in gol sau … Continuă lectura

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Today is yesterday’s hope and tomorrow’s disillusion. We are less then memories, we fade away like a forgotten dream. Day after day after day we die alone and bitter while searching our happiness in others. Tomorrow after today after yesterday… … Continuă lectura

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